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4 Ways to Find More Prospects Using CRM


Written by Kronos Technologies on October 01, 2018

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions are, as the name suggests, intended to help you manage and get the most from your client relationships. But they are also great tools for helping you find more prospects.

Advisor specific CRMs contain awesome features to help you figure out the type of prospects you want to attract, build systems for finding those people, and manage all of the activity necessary to make your efforts pay off. 

Read on to learn 4 ways CRM can help you fill your pipeline with great prospects.

Using CRM to fill your pipeline

1. Use CRM to create a system for obtaining introductions

Introductions (physical meetings between you, your client and the prospect they want you to meet) are much more powerful methods of finding potential new clients than referrals. Rather than just getting a name and a number or email address that you need to follow up on, introductions help to directly transfer confidence and trust from your current client to you. 

Two awesome ways to obtain introductions are seminars and lunch-and-learn events. In each case you schedule an event with a speaker who will present on a topic of interest to your top clients. Then you invite your ‘A’ and ‘B’ clients, and ask each to bring a guest who would be interested in the topic. These guests become prospects once they are introduced to you at the event. 

Your CRM can make it easy to run these events. You can lay out all the steps involved in the process (booking a location, booking a speaker, sending invites, following up, etc.) and capture them as activities in your CRM. Assign each task to the person who must complete it, and when the time is right they will be automatically alerted about what to do next. Nothing falls through the cracks, and you get a consistent process and effective outcomes each time you run the event.

2. Automate your direct mail campaigns for better results

Your CRM can enable you to find more prospects by automating the process of preparing, delivering and following up on a mail campaign. All of the prospects you contact go into your CRM as contact records. All of the activity around the campaign can be managed from within the CRM—and that’s the big win. Traditionally, almost half of all advisors fail in the follow-up phase of the campaign. Follow-up activity gets forgotten in the bustle of day-to-day work, and, even if a follow-up attempt is made, many advisors only make one attempt to interest the prospect. By scheduling repeated follow-up activities in your CRM you can ensure that you bring consistency and persistence to the campaign—and turn weak leads into true potential clients.

3. Export contacts from your CRM to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful networking solution, and the easiest way to get the most out of it from a prospecting point of view is to export your entire contact base from your CRM so that they all appear as connections on LinkedIn. From there, LinkedIn will do the hard work of finding connections between the people you already work with and the broader group of people they know. These new connections become a wide audience of potential prospects—who are likely to share many commonalities with the people you’ve already had success with.

4. Increase follow-up efficiency

Your CRM can help you increase your prospecting productivity by scheduling your follow-up emails and calls. You assign a block of time in your day devoted to reaching out to potential new clients. And, if you template call scripts and follow-up emails you’ll make those follow-up steps more effective and easier to undertake. Because emails are sent directly from your CRM and calls are tightly scheduled you’ll be able to touch many more prospects more easily than ever before.

Wrap up

Advisor-specific CRMs make prospecting easier and more effective. CRM tools like activity managers, opportunity trackers, filters, fillable forms and templates mean you can more easily create targeted campaigns and build robust systems for obtaining introductions. And, CRMs help you ensure consistent and effective follow-up—which is the key to turning all those new contacts into clients.

Once your potential customers are identified, you will need to convert them to customers. Find out how to do this in this article that offers you 3 ways to convert more potential customers into a customer through your CRM.


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