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5 great uses for Kronos Finance forms and templates


Written by Equisoft/connect on November 21, 2018

Kronos Finance’s fillable forms and templates are great tools for optimizing your workflow. They can have a big impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of many of your most important processes—including compliance, client management, marketing and sales. Putting these two tools to work for you can reduce costs, save time and increase sales. 

Read on for five great uses for Kronos Finance’s fillable forms and templates in your business.

  1. Use fillable Forms to create insurance and investment contracts and applications

Kronos Finance’s fillable forms are digital documents that you can use to create insurance and investment contracts, applications, information sheets. When you create a form, the database will automatically populate it with all the available client data—meaning less work for you and your client. And, you can complete any remaining blank fields in the form online, or print it out to work on it with your client.
In the Insurance Module you’ll find pre-defined forms for a variety of common insurance categories, such as: Life, Disability, General Expenses, Critical Illness, Long-term Care, Supplemental Health Insurance, Mortgage Insurance, Group Benefits, as well as Annuities.

When it comes to investments, you can select from a wide range of applications for most of the most popular investment funds and companies. There are fillable forms for Mutual and Segregated Funds, GICs, and Shares.

Creating your insurance and investment contracts in your database allows you to centralize your clients’ information. The completed forms are attached to the client contact, so they’re easy to find whenever you need them. Consider that, if you don’t have your contracts in your CRM, and have a client with different policies from a variety of companies, you will have to visit each company’s site to track down their policies. Whereas, integrating your clients’ contracts into your CRM gives you quick and easy access to all their information from their contact record. Once the information is in your CRM it can be used to do searches, perform filters and produce reports.

  1. Use Templates for ongoing client communications

Kronos Finance has templates for many client communications that you will likely use over and over again as part of your ongoing compliance, customer loyalty, marketing and sales efforts. The documents include a range of pre-defined letters and email templates that are ready for you to use or adapt to your own needs. These templates include: Thank yous, Introductions, Annual Review Booking Requests, Annual File Revision, Change of Beneficiary Information, Investment Direction Information and Follow-up messages.
As well, you can create your own custom templates for communications that don’t already exist in in the templates library. Create a template once and your work is done. In the future, every time you need that letter or email it’s only a click away.

  1. Use templates to automate your system for obtaining introductions

Templates are a great way to harness the power of the Kronos Finance CRM to create and implement the systems that drive your business. For instance, if you have a system for obtaining introductions that involves hosting monthly luncheons with guest speakers that you will ask your ‘A’ clients to bring guests to, you can use templates to automate each step in the process. First, identify the various activities involved in hosting the event (from first contact to follow-up) and then create a template for each client communication you will send. These may include initial announcement of the event, pre-lunch reminders, thank yous, and post-event follow-up. Likely they will also include letters or emails to guests you met at the event, thanking them for attending, and booking follow-up calls and meetings. Once you have templates for each communication you can effortlessly run your system again and again.

  1. Use templates to power your client on-boarding system

Similarly, you can use templates to automate many parts of your client on-boarding system, no need to reinvent the wheel every time you land a new client. Instead, you can identify the various steps you work through with all new clients, and what communications are required—then create templates that can be reused each time.

  1. Use templates to drive your client service strategy

When it comes to your proactive client service system, you can use templates and mail merge to create and send your client communications each month. You can create templates for any kind of touch: from Birthday greetings, to holiday best wishes, to newsletters and announcements. The templates make it easy for you to manage your touches with a huge number of clients. They keep you top of mind with those clients and increase the chances of sales down the road.

Wrap up

Kronos Finance’s fillable forms and templates are great ways to automate repetitive activities. They make your client communications easier to manage, and they reduce time spent on filing and data retrieval. They streamline compliance, marketing and sales efforts—making them more consistently effective. Using fillable forms and templates makes it easier to create on-going systems that add real value to your practice.


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