5 Ways Kronos Finance Makes Client Review Meetings More Successful—Follow-Up


Written by Kronos Technologies on December 19, 2018

In our last couple of posts we looked at using Kronos Finance to prepare for and conduct effective client review meetings. In this week’s final installment of our three part series we’ll look at how Kronos Finance can make your meeting follow-up effortless, efficient and effective. It’ll help make sure no tasks get overlooked, that all your uncovered client needs get met and that you maximize your potential sales opportunities.

Read on to see five ways Kronos Finance can make your meeting follow-up more successful.

1. Capitalize on sales opportunities

Using the Opportunities Module in Kronos Finance you can capture all the sales opportunities that you uncovered during your client review meeting. Once you have identified all the opportunities that exist with the client you’ll never have to worry about losing track of needs that remain unfulfilled.

Using the opportunities feature means you can track your progress as you move through the sales process for each opportunity with each client. When an opportunity has been addressed you can mark it as complete, or, if the client did not buy, you can identify the reason the sale was not made. This has a lot of value because you can check in each quarter and see a visual summary of why sales are not being closed across your entire client base. This enables you to judge whether there are things you are consistently doing or not doing that prevent you from capitalizing on opportunities on a regular basis. This data will help you make adjustments and improve your sales process and technique so that you can better serve even more clients.

2. Manage follow-up activities

After your client review meeting you can use Kronos Finance to access and review the notes on your discussion with your client. From your notes you can identify and assign follow-up tasks to yourself and your staff using the Activity module. Whenever an activity needs to be completed you will be automatically notified so that nothing ever gets missed or forgotten. You can use this feature to identify any service and support activities that need to take place—like follow-up calls or emails to ask how the experience was for the client, what could be done differently or better, and if they need anything more. 

You can also use the activity tracker to manage the application process for any new investment or insurance products purchased coming out of the meeting. Make sure the client understands what will happen, what they have bought, how it meets their needs and goals, and what to expect going forward.

3. Complete the application process

In the Kronos Finance CRM you can use the fillable forms function to complete applications and contracts for many insurance and investment products. This is the best way to start the application process, because the forms are automatically populated with client data from the CRM, saving you time and effort. The forms are associated with the client contact record and you can manage the application process from within the CRM after your review meeting.

4. Achieve and maintain compliance

Within Kronos Finance you can attach all the needed notes, documents, call recordings and emails to the client so that you always have a record of your interactions with your client. In the days and weeks following your review meeting, as you complete follow-up tasks and exchange emails related to any sales that were made, you never have to worry about filing or losing critical compliance records. 

You can use the Voice Memo feature to record your client calls and attach them to the contact record so you preserve a history of what you discussed. And, completed activities will automatically be frozen after thirty days creating a defensible audit trail for compliance purposes.

5. Communicate with clients

Following your client review meeting you can use Kronos Finance to manage your ongoing communication with the client. Kronos Finance allows you to integrate all of your email accounts into your CRM so you don’t have to hop from one site or program to another to manage your messaging. Kronos Finance also enables you to address your client’s need for security and privacy when it comes to dealing with their sensitive personal and financial information. You can use the SecureMail feature to send email to your clients that is protected by bank-level encryption.

Wrap up

Conducting effective client review meetings is a foundational skill as an advisor. These meetings uncover client needs, build trust, ensure compliance and create sales opportunities you can pursue throughout the year. The key to ensuring consistent success in conducting your meetings is to leverage the power of Kronos Finance to prepare, carry out and follow-up on each meeting. Kronos Finance’s advisor-specific tools help you work efficiently and create awesome client experiences. Within the CRM you can manage your activities, create sales opportunities, securely communicate, and retain detailed records—all helping you build deeper and stronger client relationships.


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