6 Ways Kronos Finance Makes Client Review Meetings More Successful—The Meeting


Written by Equisoft/connect on December 12, 2018

In our last post we looked at using Kronos Finance to make your client review meetings more successful by focusing on how to effectively prepare before the meeting. In this post we’ll look at how Kronos Finance can make you even more productive in the meeting itself—helping you stay on track, ask the right questions, identify and present needs and solutions, and achieve compliance.

Read on to see six ways Kronos Finance can make your meetings more successful.

1. Use an agenda to keep the meeting on track

Top advisors find that creating and implementing an agenda for each of their client meetings helps them work more efficiently and ensures that everything the client needs gets covered—every time. They use the template feature in Kronos Feature to create agendas for each of their meetings, including approximate timing for each of the agenda items such as; review investment goals (20 minutes) or present solutions (15 minutes.)

Advisors should be flexible enough to deal with any client concerns or interests that arise during the meeting, but starting with a well-defined agenda can keep meetings concise and efficient, and that means more time will be available in the future to help even more of your clients.

2. Start the application process

Once you have identified client needs that you can meet and the client has agreed to the purchase of insurance or investment products, the best way to begin the application process is to use the fillable forms available in Kronos Finance. These forms are available for most insurance and investment types, from a wide variety of companies. 

Using these forms means you’ll save time and effort because the data fields can be populated automatically by the CRM. This ensures accuracy, and, because the forms are connected to the client record in the CRM, they are always available and easy to find.

3. Take comprehensive meeting notes

During your client review meetings it’s important to take good notes—both for compliance purposes and so that you have a record of what was discussed, what was agreed to, and what needs to be done going forward. Attaching your notes to the client record in Kronos Finance means that they will always be easily accessible and follow-up activities will not slip through the cracks.

4. Deliver your presentation

When it comes to presenting your proposed solutions to your client during the review meeting the best practice is to use the presentation tool in Kronos FNA. This FNA tool is fully integrated with your CRM and is the best way in the preparation phase to gather data, generate solutions and create awesome presentations.  The presentations it generates are professional looking, compliant, and a great way to review your client’s data and goals, review their progress towards those goals so far, and to present your proposed solutions.

5. Capture opportunities

Once your client agrees with the analysis that you have done, and sees the need for insurance or investment products to help them meet their goals, you can set-up each of the proposed solutions as a sales opportunity in Kronos Finance. The opportunity module allows you to identify a particular opportunity so that it can be managed through your CRM. This will allow you to assign tasks, track activities and, using the reports feature, enable you to see where you stand with all of the opportunities in your book of business.

6. Make follow-up easier and more effective

In addition to taking notes during the client review meeting, you can use Kronos Finance to create activities on the spot so that effective follow-up is guaranteed. The Activities Module allows you to identify tasks you will need to complete at a later data. It will automatically remind you when the time comes to perform the activity.

Within the CRM you can create a customized email from a template to send your client a list of all the things you agreed to and the necessary follow-up activities so that there is no confusion after the meeting.
In closing out your meeting—it’s a good practice to ask for introductions to people your client knows who are like them and would benefit from your help. If they agree to provide introductions or referrals you can use your CRM to capture contact data, set up the referee as a contact, and use a customized email template to reach out to them.

Wrap up

Using Kronos Finance enables you to get the most out of every client review meeting. The templates and fillable forms features allow you to create agendas to keep things on track, and start the application, process for any products your client requires. You can take notes and attach them to the client record for compliance purposes, and it’s easy to ensure all follow-up is completed by creating activities and opportunities in the CRM. Kronos Finance makes it easy to start the year off helping more clients, more effectively by conducting awesome client review meetings.

Discover the last part of this serie to learn how Kronos Finance can make your meeting follow-up more successful.


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