How to Bring Visibility to Your Business


Written by Sara Gilbert on March 07, 2018

If sales keep you in business—then, marketing keeps you in sales

The number one question I get from entrepreneurs at all levels is, “How can I get more clients?” What I tell them is, we all know that getting and keeping clients is paramount to the success of your business. And, attracting potential clients, while nurturing relationships with existing clients, requires a strategy and an action plan.

One-to-one vs one-to-many marketing strategies

Any good marketing strategy will include a mix of both one-to-one and one-to-many strategies. Both are important, but finding the correct combination is critical. One-to-one strategies are the individual actions that can only be done by you: Things like calls, meetings, networking, and other activities that require your personal touch. One-to-one strategies are precious, but if you base your business development solely on these strategies, you’ll soon find yourself maxed out. This kind of strategy simply isn’t scalable in the long run because there aren’t enough hours in a day – and you’ll soon find yourself overworked and overwhelmed.

One-to-many marketing strategies are, on the other hand, those which put you in front of many clients, potential clients, and/or centers of influence at the same time – think of social media, newsletters, blogs, article contributions, and events. It may seem easy to just start posting on LinkedIn or Facebook, but, if you really want to stand out in the marketplace – you’ll need to do some pre-work to make your one-to-many strategies effective.

Don’t be a “me-too”—stand-out and deliver value

The pre-work that is most important to getting your plan right is to take the time to clarify how you can distinguish yourself, what resonates with your ideal client, how to communicate with your ideal client, and most importantly, where to find them. Bringing visibility to your business is not a pray and spray approach, it’s a highly tailored approach that requires you to know what value you provide and who your target audience is.

Once you have defined how, what and where you will communicate it’s time to execute—and that can bring its own challenges. I'm often asked, "Sara, how do you manage to be everywhere: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, media, and your newsletter - while having time for your clients, your family, and staying sane?”

And you know what? It’s a great question.

I would like to believe that I have the gift of ubiquity, but no ... I have a simple and (very) effective structure that helps me bring constant visibility to my business! Did you know that Forbes found me through LinkedIn before scouring my website and inviting me to join the Forbes Coaches Council? Or, that I signed a client following a YouTube capsule? You never know where your lead generation channels will lead you. Just remember, you can’t land new clients through these methods if you don’t use them at all. The most important thing to do is to develop a plan, execute it, and then tweak it as needed.

Your goal may not be to write for the Forbes newspaper, or to have your own YouTube channel, but we all understand the importance of being visible to your clients, potential clients, and centers of influence. Whether it's via an email newsletter, social media, or just a simple email marketing strategy - being visible is an important factor for the long-term success of you as an individual and as a business.

Creating a highly successful visibility strategy is not complicated, actually it’s quite simple!

And I like to call it the CFA approach: Clarify – Focus – Action

1. Clarify

  • What value do you deliver?
  • How are people’s lives better after working with you?
  • What are the different personas that you serve?

If you are not clear on the value you provide, or if you can’t clearly communicate it, no one will understand why they should choose you instead of another professional. If you work in a saturated industry, you need a unique selling point. It’s that simple.

Ask yourself…

  1. Is my business positioning clear and distinctive?
  2. Does the message I currently communicate engage my ideal client?
  3. Does my brand resonate and inspire my ideal client?

2. Focus

  • Where should you be present?
  • Are your clients on Facebook, LinkedIn, and do you know what magazines they read?
  • What should you share?
  • Where should you share it?
  • How should you share content to get the greatest impact?

You want to be visible where they are, there’s no point in spending time and energy bringing visibility to clients you do not want to attract to your business.

Ask yourself…

  1. What kind of content should I share?
  2. Where should I be present?

3. Action

  • How will you keep up the momentum?
  • What could you delegate to others?
  • How can you build your visibility plan to ensure consistency?

Having a plan is useless if you’re not implementing it consistently – the key word here is consistency. Create an action plan where you’ll know ahead of time what will be shared, when it will be shared, and where it will be shared. The most successful businesses are the ones that are organized and know how to execute their content plans.

Ask yourself…

  1. How should I structure my plan to be able to delegate the execution of it?
  2. What tools could I use to optimize efficiency?
  3. How will I measure success?

Visibility is so important to your business. When people see you, they think about you. When you deliver valuable content, you position yourself as a trustworthy professional, an industry authority that people want to listen to because they trust what you have to offer.

To learn more about how to increase the visibility of your business watch my webinar: How to bring visibility to your business. In this webinar, I’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to create visibility for your business – and not just a visibility plan, but a real business visibility strategy to help you get noticed in a noisy world.


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