Power Your RRSP Campaigns With Equisoft/connect and Equisoft/plan


Written on January 15, 2019

RRSP season is here again—an important time for all advisors, not only because it is an opportunity to help your clients advance their investment, savings and tax planning goals—but it’s also a chance to start the year off right by conducting client review meetings and potentially uncovering, non-RRSP needs that you can service throughout the remainder of the year.

In order to capitalize on the opportunities presented during RRSP season, most advisors try to hold client review meetings with their top ‘A’ and ‘B’ clients. The best way to do that efficiently and effectively is to use Equisoft/connect and Equisoft/plan to prepare for, conduct and follow-up on the meetings.

Equisoft/connect is a CRM solution specifically designed and developed for advisors. Equisoft/plan is a comprehensive financial needs analysis tool that integrates with Equisoft/connect to make data collection and needs analysis more efficient and accurate. Using Equisoft/connect and Equisoft/plan to power your RRSP campaigns will enable you to:

  • Meet more client savings, investment and tax management needs
  • Maximize RRSP sales
  • Build trust and deepen client relationships
  • Identify new opportunities for cross-sell

Read on for 4 ways Equisoft/connect and Equisoft/plan features can increase the effectiveness of your RRSP campaigns.

Use Equisoft/connect to identify clients you will target

Equisoft/connect is an advisor-specific CRM with segmentation and filter tools that make it easy to find the clients in your contact base who will make the best candidates for your RRSP campaign.

The segmentation tool is an easy way to identify your ‘A’ and ‘B’ clients. The pre-defined segmentation characteristics enable you to sort by a variety of parameters, such as age, income, or amount of business they have done with you.

You can also use filters to find those clients most likely to benefit from a review meeting to discuss their 2019 RRSP contributions. Equisoft/connect contains pre-defined filters for finding clients who have RRSPs, family RRSPs or whose spouses have RRSPs.

Use Equisoft/connect to manage your RRSP campaign

As you roll-out your campaign and begin to book client meetings, send emails, conduct financial needs analyses and follow-up with clients, you can use the activity management module in Equisoft/connect to manage all of you’re the required tasks. The activity management module allows you to define each of the tasks required to successfully run a campaign and then assign those activities to the relevant team member. When an activity is scheduled to happen an automated reminder will be generated. And you can track whether the tasks are being completed so that nothing slips through the cracks and creates client frustration at this busy time of the year.

Use Equisoft/connect to streamline communications during the RRSP campaign

When you reach out to your clients to discuss their RRSP situation and the idea of meeting to review their insurance and investment needs, it helps to use the pre-defined templates in Equisoft/connect. These templates for emails and a variety of client communications save you the time and effort of having to craft your own. And you can use them again and again, personalizing them for each client you engage. Kronos Finance has pre-defined templates for things like meeting requests, RRSP contribution updates, or you can create your own new template.

Once you have created the email, you can use Equisoft/connect’s email merge function to easily send the message from within your CRM. And, if the information you are communicating is sensitive, you can use the SecureMail feature to send it via encrypted email with bank-level security.

Use Kronos FNA to prepare for the client review meeting

Once you have booked a client review meeting to discuss RRSP contributions with a client you can use the Kronos FNA tool to prepare. Because Kronos FNA is integrated with the Equisoft/connect it automatically populates the needs analysis with the most up to date client data, saving you time and effort and ensuring accuracy.

You can send the FNA to your client ahead of the meeting and have them review their personal and financial information. This not only ensures accuracy it also saves a step in the meeting itself since you won’t have to spend time asking questions to uncover the information you need. It also engages the client in the process before the meeting, helping them understand their current situation and how RRSPs can help them meet their goals. This will likely make them more receptive to the idea of contributing to their RRSP when you talk with them.

Kronos FNA is not just great for uncovering client RRSP needs, it also reveals other insurance and investment needs they may have—which you can track as future opportunities for cross-selling. The FNA includes analysis modules for Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Disability, and Retirement needs.

Kronos FNA also automatically creates reports which you can brand as your own and use to deliver your proposal during the client review meeting. It’s a great tool for making your meetings run more smoothly, with less effort and resulting in more consistent success.

Wrap up

Combining the power of the integrated Equisoft/connect and Kronos FNA tools will enable you to maximize your efforts this RRSP season. Equisoft/connect’s advisor-specific segmentation and filter tools allow you to zero in on just the right candidates for your campaign, the templates and email features streamline your workflow, and the activity management module makes it possible to easily complete all of the tasks necessary to make RRSP season a success. And, Kronos FNA, enables you to easily uncover client needs and make professional presentations of your solutions to your clients. Together, these two solutions save you time and effort, while creating awesome client experiences that will build trust and deeper relationships with the clients you serve.


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