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Daily activities at Equisoft



A typical day at Equisoft

Every day we find ways to improve on what we accomplished the day before—whether it’s in our project work or our ping-pong prowess. Daily life at Equisoft is far from boring, and it’s filled with exceptional people we’re proud to call teammates.


Never without my coffee

We start the day off on the right foot by grabbing a free coffee or tea—and taking a moment to catch up on what’s happening with our exceptional teammates.


Well-being and relaxation

What more can you ask for than a relaxing chair massage, yoga session or HIIT training in our gym? There’s no shortage of great ways to relax and find happiness at work.


Downtown Lunch

Our offices are located in the most effervescent neighbourhood, sharing space with a wide variety of restaurants, coffee-shops and hangouts. There's enough going on around here to keep everyone happy!


Stand-up meeting

Every day each team meets to celebrate the great work that has been done, identify improvements to be made and review the status of current projects. The meetings are a great opportunity for the transparent exchange of information that focuses all team members on our common goal: excellence!


We must also work

Every day our team strives to innovate when it comes to all of our products, procedures and services. We continually review and revisit all of our processes, searching for ways to be better, faster, and more effective. We’re proud of our collective effort and the accomplishments it makes possible.

Our values

Creative stars who devote themselves to stimulating projects are the backbone of Equisoft. Our team is driven by strong business values that create a high-performing climate of cooperation. We believe in:


Our strategies and tactics aim at maintaining our leadership in the industry, all the while keeping in mind the interests and business objectives of our clients.


We promote accountability across the organization and encourage our team members to exchange ideas to quickly and effectively obtain the best results.


We encourage the development of new ideas as part of our continual efforts to find and implement the best new practices.


We are fully committed to delivering dynamic, high-quality solutions that meet our clients’ business challenges.

Kronos Lifestyle

A vibrant neighbourhood

Whether you're a fan of shish-taouk, European hot-dogs or vegetarian cuisine, you can get it nearby.

Kronos Lifestyle

Flex work

9'til what time? At Equisoft, you are in charge of your own schedule. Even if you live the closest, you have the right to come to work the latest.

Kronos Lifestyle

Social activities

Whether you prefer tea time or happy hour, it doesn't matter—we have something for all tastes.

Kronos Lifestyle

Free all-you-can-drink coffee and tea

Whether you run on coffee or prefer to sip tea beside a bonzai tree, you're in luck because we provide all you can drink of both.

Kronos Lifestyle

We are geeks and proud of it

We work in a product-based environment. That means that the team determines the deadlines, so you will have the time you need to refine your code. Satisfaction guaranteed (Yours, of course!).

Kronos Lifestyle

Our team is on fire

You can work in a stuffed shirt environment or join us at Equisoft and make yourself at home. You decide.

The tools we use

At Equisoft, we use cutting-edge applications and software to stimulate innovation and excellence among team members. On a day-to-day basis we use:
Logo JS
Logo php
Logo React JS
Logo mysql
Logo redis
Logo mongodb
Logo amazon
Logo Docker
Logo GraphQL
Logo Node JS
Logo Slack
Logo Github
Logo Google Apps
Logo Hubpost
Logo Jira
Logo terraform
Logo circleci
Logo confluence
Logo Suite Adobe
Logo Zendesk

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