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Equisoft/connect is a web-based CRM software specifically created for financial advisors. It enables you to centralize all your clients’ insurance and investment information. And it’s a powerful productivity, marketing, sales and compliance tool.

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A CRM software created for financial advisors



Spend less time looking for important client data and more time with clients and prospects. Equisoft/connect gives you access to your clients' information in one application, meaning you no longer have to flip back and forth between multiple systems to track your client’s data. Thanks to the various Equisoft/connect modules, you can view your clients' insurance policies and investments, send emails, and manage your appointments and documents—all in one powerful app.



Equisoft/connect allows you to save a history of your activities. 30 days after an activity is completed, the record will be frozen, so you will always have a defendable record of your actions for compliance purposes. In the CRM you can also attach notes, emails, and documents to the relevant client record so you’ll be able to show what you discussed with each client—demonstrating your needs-based approach.



Equisoft/connect has lots of great tools to make your marketing campaigns more effective. You can use the filters to find ideal targets for your campaigns. Fillable forms and templates enable you to create awesome marketing materials. And the powerful mail tools allow you to send the marketing pieces to the right clients and prospects—and then track follow-up activities.



Equisoft/connect comes with many predefined filters—like birthdays or expiring FNAs—and it also gives you the ability to create your own custom filters so you can find the exact clients and prospects you’re searching for. Filters enable you to search for very discrete client characteristics which give you an awesome ability to find the diamonds in your client base. The filters are a great way to identify the prospects and clients amongst your contacts who best fit your niche.



Equisoft/connect gateways enable you to automatically update your client data. You’ll spend less time on data entry, making you more productive and increasing the time you spend with clients.

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Financial needs analysis

Financial needs analysis

Optimize your CRM software suite with Equisoft/plan, our financial needs analysis tool. Full integration with Equisoft/connect lets you avoid double entry, while improving compliance and identifying sales opportunities.

Email security

Email security

Show your clients you take the confidentiality of their personal information seriously. Equisoft/connect’s SecureMail ensures your emails and attachments are sent in complete security, with bank-level encryption.

Call recording

Call recording

Equisoft/connect enables you to save an audio recording of each of your phone conversations with your clients. The audio files are directly linked to the corresponding client record so that you can demonstrate a needs-based approach to selling, and not have to worry about compliance. Plus, you’ll always have a record of what was discussed and what follow-up is required. Call recording functions on all types of phones and mobile devices.

Paperless office

Paperless office

Equisoft Scan simplifies file management and allows you to work anywhere, anytime. This feature optimizes the digitization and filing of all documents that you take in. It creates a paperless office that brings increased speed and efficiency to your business. Equisoft Scan will make you more productive and will improve your client service. Plus, you have unlimited data storage!

A unique product tailored to your daily work

Our web-based CRM was conceived and created specifically for financial advisors. Its unique features, tailored to the daily needs of advisors, simplify your work, enable you to better serve clients, and create real value in your practice.

Icon Calendar


Easily manage tasks to be carried out by the members of your team. You can integrate most email services into the CRM.

Icon Contact


Access your clients' global profile at a single glance—including all of their investment and insurance data.

Icon Email


Integrate all of your email accounts in Equisoft/connect. There’s no need to jump in and out of different apps; you can send and receive emails directly within the CRM.

Icon Document


Ensure you are always compliant. Archive all your documents in the CRM, attached directly to the relevant contact record.

Icon Insurance


View a complete and up-to-date profile of the insurance policies held by your clients.

Icon Investment


Quickly consult your clients' complete and up-to-date investment portfolio.

Icon Opportunity


Manage your sales pipeline, organize your activities and project your potential income.

Icon Report


Create professional-looking reports from all fields. Target clients according to specific criteria.

Icon Dashboard


Customize your dashboard with widgets and easily obtain news, industry talk, birthdays; whatever you need, front and center.

Icon Access rights

Access rights

Administer your database and manage each of your users' access rights.

Icon Merging forms

Merging forms

Automatically populate fields in PDF forms based on contact information.

Icon Commission


Forecast your commission revenues.


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Spend more time on revenue-producing activities each month—for less than the cost of an hour of your time.

  • Centralize all your clients’ data in a single location
  • Improve your marketing effectiveness
  • Make compliance easier
  • Access awesome customer support

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