Cross Generational Networking: You Kids Get ON my Lawn

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Every generation that came before us is old, stodgy, and out of touch; while every generation that comes after us is entitled, lazy, and listens to shitty music. While the Baby Boomers are fighting GenX about crumbling moral values and GenX is berating the Millennials for their participation ribbons- we’re all missing out on the opportunity to connect with amazing people who can help us grow, learn, and stay competitive in an ever changing (and wildly diverse) business landscape. As an “Elder Millennial” (born in 1983!) Strother will help you learn to speak each other’s languages (which aren’t actually different you guys...) and create meaningful connections between the generations. We can all agree - that’s awesome.

Cross Generational Networking: You Kids Get ON my Lawn

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Strother Gaines

Strother Gaines

Entrepreneurial Coach & Founder

Strother is a business and personal coach for creative entrepreneurs and those who want to become one. He works with lawyers who just wanna dance, programmers who wish they were potters and undercover Yogi CFO’s to integrate their professional lives with their authentic creative selves. He is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a background in theatre, public speaking, education, sales, management, leadership and segway-tour-guiding. His private practice is called “But I’m a Unicorn, Dammit!” and he is passionately working to help as many people as possible own up to the fact that they’re a unique fu($!@& snowflake. He is the Producing Artistic Director and founder of DC’s only Immersive Experiential Design Company “TBD Immersive“ He served as the event director for the DC Chapter of Network Under 40 and he spoke at the 2016 TEDx MidAtlantic Festival on on the topic of storytelling. He looks pretty good in purple.


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