The Financial Advisors’ 17-Point Checklist for Creating and Implementing Marketing Campaigns

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Financial advisors rely on marketing campaigns to bring in a steady stream of new prospects and clients, increase trust and depth of relationship with current clients, and cross-sell and up-sell when new needs are identified. These campaigns are powerful drivers of growth in a practice, but their creation and implementation can be complex, time-consuming and expensive if not handled correctly. 

That’s why we created this handy checklist  for creating and implementing your marketing campaigns. Using the checklist each time you begin a new campaign will create consistency across all of your campaigns. It will save you time, money and effort—and maximize your return on your investment. Not only will the checklist keep you on track, but it will help ensure that you are targeting the clients and prospects who would benefit most from your help—and that they are having great client experiences.

Use this 17-Point Checklist for Creating and Implementing Efficient and Effective Marketing Campaigns to ensure your next campaign is a success.

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