How to Create an Effective Cross-Selling System for Your Practice

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Make cross-selling an everyday activity that powers your business growth

This ebook gives you a quick and easy method for creating your plan for making cross-selling an effective growth engine in your practice.

Most advisors know that they are two or three times more likely to be successful when selling to an existing client versus a new prospect. And yet most advisors don’t do enough when it comes to cross-selling and up-selling.

Cross-selling is an excellent opportunity to grow your practice without having to put in a lot more effort or significantly change the way you do business. An effective and consistent cross-selling will not just increase revenue, but will also:

  • Strengthen your client relationships, creating a barrier against your competition.
  • Efficiently and cost-effectively increase your productivity.
  • Allow you to increase the profitability of each client relationship.
  • Support you in the increasingly challenging world of compliance

Remember, cross-selling is not just an occasional activity. It’s a means to unlock the full potential of a practice. Your existing client base contains acres of diamonds. The question is how are you mining your diamonds

What's in the ebook?

  • How to create an effective cross-selling plan for your practice
  • A series of simple exercises that will guide you towards creating your cross-selling plan
  • A cross-selling checklist

About the author

Ray Adamson

Ray Adamson

Chief Customer Officer

For over twenty years Ray Adamson has held senior leadership roles in the financial services industry. At companies like Kronos Technologies, Bluesun, Great West Life and the Covenant Group he has worked to implement national practice management strategies, increase client acquisition and retention, and build out sales capabilities. As an advisor, consultant, practice management coach and speaker, he has helped management and advisors at the largest carriers and distributors in North America take their business to the next level. Ray has presented to many of the top North American financial services companies and associations, including MDRT & LIMRA.

As Chief Customer Officer at Kronos Technologies, Ray works with carriers, distributors and advisors—helping them leverage Kronos Technologies’ suite of industry specific web applications to manage and grow their businesses.


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