Plan for Your Best Year Yet! Take Your 2018 Momentum into 2019

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Great advisors understand the power of planning. It gives them the ability to predict, not just revenue targets, but also the day-to-day activity they will engage in over the coming year. And, planning puts that activity into context—it puts a frame around why and when they interact with clients and engage in marketing activities. 

Ray Adamson will walk advisors through the process of taking stock of 2018 results to date, and see how to use those results to build targets and a plan for 2019. Ray will also show advisors the keys to achieving their goals, and help them break down their annual goals into manageable monthly goals and activities.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to easily take stock of where you are so far this year, and use those results as the basis for growth in 2019
  • What the key levers in your practice are, and how to move them
  • How to break down big annual targets into achievable activity
  • How to optimize your practice by focusing on acquisition, retention and consumption
  • How to use technology to manage activity and increase productivity

Plan for Your Best Year Yet! Take Your 2018 Momentum into 2019

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