Succeeding at Succession

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As a professional financial advisor, you counsel your clients every day on the need for a comprehensive plan for their eventual retirement. The big question is “Are you doing the same for yourself?”

Research shows that only about 10% of advisors have a written succession plan. Another 40% or so have given it some thought, but have not committed anything to writing — that leaves half of advisors with no plan at all.

Consequently, most advisors significantly underestimate the work that has to go into preparing themselves — both emotionally and financially — for the day they will no longer be involved in their business the way they are today.

Succession is a process, not an event and the truth is that you will transition from your practice one day. The question is will you be in control of your exit — or will you let fate and circumstance determine what happens to the business you have spent your life building?

In this Best Practices Webinar you'll learn:

  • Why advisors should plan their exit
  • How to decide if you are ready to transition your business
  • A step by step plan to prepare for succession

Succeeding at Succession

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About the expert

George Hartman

George Hartman

Chief Practice Management Officer, FindBob

George Hartman’s 40-year career spans both the insurance and investment industries. He has authored four best-selling books for advisors and written The Coach’s Forum for the Investment Executive for more than 10 years.

As one of the industry’s best-known advisor strategists, practice management mentors and practice valuation experts, George coaches top-performing advisors in Canada and the US. He has spoken at conferences worldwide, including MDRT and Top of the Table.

George is Chief Practice Management Officer for FindBob (www.findbob.io). FindBob enables financial and insurance advisors to discover opportunities to buy, sell, merge or find a succession partner to maximize the value of their book of business.

About the host

Ray Adamson

Ray Adamson

Chief Customer Officer, Kronos Technologies

For over twenty years Ray Adamson has held senior leadership roles in the financial services industry. At companies like Kronos Technologies, Bluesun, Great West Life and the Covenant Group, he has worked to implement national practice management strategies, increase client acquisition and retention, and build out sales capabilities. As an advisor, consultant, practice management coach and speaker, he has helped management and advisors at the largest carriers and distributors in North America take their business to the next level.

As Chief Customer Officer at Kronos Technologies, Ray works with carriers, distributors and advisors—helping them leverage Kronos Technologies’ suite of industry specific web applications to manage and grow their businesses.


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