Turn Seminars into Assets

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Seminars are a powerful way to consistently attract the clients you desire. But, for a variety of reasons, many advisors struggle to make seminars work for them. Marketing materials don’t attract enough of, or the right prospects. Rooms are only partially filled. Presentations fail to inspire and convert. And follow-up is ineffective. 

In the this Best Practices Webinar Willa Silver will show you how to avoid those common challenges and deliver great seminars that target the pain points that motivate your market. You’ll learn how to avoid the most common mistakes advisors make when hosting seminars – and see how to easily fill the room with high quality future clients.

In this Best Practices Webinar you'll learn:

  • How to define your specific audience by answering the most important question when creating your seminar- "What specific problem am I solving?"
  • Which 3 components are needed to design your "Grabber" marketing communication.

Turn Seminars into Assets

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About the expert

Willa Silver

Willa Silver

Founder of New Language of Sales, Professional Certified Coach

With a combined 15 years experience in Sales, and 15 years experience in Sales Coaching, Willa provides comprehensive, hands on understanding of sales.

For the past ten years, Willa has been working with some of the largest financial services firms in Canada and the US, including RBC Dominion Securities, TD Waterhouse and Raymond James; coaching and supporting over 1,500 Advisors in expanding their businesses. Willa assists
Advisors in defining their unique selling style, creating and practicing new approaches that support the Advisor in achieving and surpassing their business growth goals.

Willa is a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation, and is completing her Master Certified Coach designation at Newfield Coach Training. Willa sat on the Board of Directors for The International Coach Federation, for seven years.

About the host

Ray Adamson

Ray Adamson

Chief Customer Officer, Kronos Technologies

For over twenty years Ray Adamson has held senior leadership roles in the financial services industry. At companies like Kronos Technologies, Bluesun, Great West Life and the Covenant Group, he has worked to implement national practice management strategies, increase client acquisition and retention, and build out sales capabilities. As an advisor, consultant, practice management coach and speaker, he has helped management and advisors at the largest carriers and distributors in North America take their business to the next level.

As Chief Customer Officer at Kronos Technologies, Ray works with carriers, distributors and advisors—helping them leverage Kronos’ suite of industry specific web applications to manage and grow their businesses.


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